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product arrow Weco E-3 , Full 3D Automatic Edger with drilling

Price Rp 435.649.984
Rp 348.000.000

Full 3D Automatic Edging Machine with Drilling, WECO E-3

Mesin Faset termodern dilengkapi dengan groover, shamfering dan driiling (bor)

Untuk lihat video Weco E3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW1OQJ-7pSI 

- Dapat menyimpan sampai dari 300 job dan 200 frame shapes
- Dapat menyimpan 20 data bor/drill (holes, slots, notches, coordinates)
- Semua jenis lensa : SV, Bifocal, Trivocal dan Progressive
- Semua Bahan Lensa : CR, HI, Poly dan Trivex
- 3D Processing V bevel with polish
- Grooving - Chamfering - Drilling.


The small edging wheels, 90 mm in diameter, are ideal for high-curve frames. They also enable the edging of all types of materials (CR39, PC, Trivex, Hi-index, glass).

The superpolish edging wheel yields particularly brilliant results for the polishing of bevel or rimless mountings. The grooves and angled drill holes (10°) can be used to obtain jobs with outstanding finishing (holes and notches, 1 to 6 mm in diameter, up to 20 holes per lens).

The front and rear safety-bevel is also one of the essential finishing operations, as is a specific edging cycle for superhydrophobic topcoatings.


The E.3 guarantees you protection against axis slippage during all finishing phases

The multi-axis tracer precisely records the frame’s characteristics, its shape and its curvature.

This patented tracer, which comes with a protective cover, is shielded from dust and any water spraying. It enables the operator to input metal and plastic frames, patterns and demonstration lenses.


Frame positioning is particularly simple, and clamping is done manually to prevent any distortion of ultra-thin frames.


Realignment is done gently during clamping operation[Smooth Scan].

In addition, frame thickness and groove positioning are measured in order to obtain flawless adaptation of the lens in the frame.


The cycle time is particularly short: 1 minute for both eyes..


Thanks to the Shapemaker shape modification software, you can ensure comfort and satisfaction for your customers.

Shapemaker enables you to produce custom jobs in just a few clicks and to provide personalised service to your customers.


Proportional modification : used to increase or reduce a shape proportionally.

Vertical modification : probably the most widely used shape modification, for near portion adaptation with a Supra or rimless frame.


Horizontal modification : used to adapt your rimless frames to all facial types.

The digital blocker combines on-screen viewing and easy manipulation of blocks, thanks to a unique handling system.


The results are free of parallax and prismatic effects.

Blocking is simplified, and block insertion is made easier, thanks to the error-proof slot and the possibility of viewing block position and insertion.

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